Holographic films

Laminated glass with holographic film

holographic film

What is laminated glass used for? Laminated glass is a series of glass sheets bonded with a film (polyvinyl butyral – PVB, or EVA) using a certain temperature and vacuum. Glass glued in this way looks like ordinary glass. Its main feature is that this glass remains intact (does not break into crumbs) even when broken – thus protecting against possible injury.

Laminated glass is the most versatile glass for protection against UV rays. Reflex glass changes the reflection, absorption and permeability properties of the glass package in sunlight. Large planes of glass are increasingly used in modern architecture. Full-length windows, glass roofs, glass facades and conservatories. In addition, the glasses are of various colors or a HOLOGRAPHIC effect is used (Šiauliai Arena).

Different colors of PVB films provide an opportunity to significantly expand the range of colored glass. Architects can achieve a variety of light transmittance without changing the thickness of the glass or the construction of the object. The use of colored PVB films can produce very interesting solutions for both building facades and interiors. PVB films for facades are resistant to UV effects. Common standard laminated glass products are used for roofs, balcony partitions, lower floors and protective windows, doors and partitions.

Laminated glass is also used for special purpose products: outdoor elevators, sports complexes, floors and stairs, rooms under water, aquariums, bulletproof or burglar-proof windows, reinforced sound insulation and glass advertising products.

Laminated glass can protect valuables stored in museums, bank premises from armed attack or other precious assets, and ensure the safety of the people working in those premises. The special structure of the laminated glass makes the transparent glass partition bulletproof with a pistol or even a Kalashnikov machine gun.

Using laminated glass, it is possible to create various color combinations of the interior, drawings inside between the sheets of glass. In addition, colored and patterned glass can be combined with metal, wood and other materials. Laminated glass with a special holographic film – used for the exterior of building facades.

In this case, the building becomes more noticeable (e.g. ŠIAULIAI ARENA). It is also used to diversify interior design. Our company can produce laminated glass according to the customer’s wishes: various drawings, photos, etc. Such glass is used by furniture manufacturers, advertising companies, manufacturers of partitions, facades, etc. Laminated glass remains the same color and the same resistance throughout the life of the building. It does not require any special care.

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