3D Photo Wallpapers what is it?

Photo wallpapers that are printed on non-woven are consistent with the actual quality of the photo wallpapers. Non-woven photo wallpapers are resistant to moisture, mechanical damage such as scratches. 3D photo wallpapers are produced in non-standard sizes and according to the dimensions of each customer. Prices are based on the desired photography and photo wallpaper dimensions.

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3D photo wallpapers to order for the interior

We produce 3D photo wallpapers to order from high-quality non-woven material, but not on plain paper.
We can make it from your photo and it will match the print quality (from 300 to 1440 dpi.).
With photo wallpaper, you will quickly, inexpensively, qualitatively and impressively update the old ordinary wall, give the interior a unique and individual character.


Photo wallpaper properties:

  • PVC coating of various textures
  • Printed digitally with Eco-solvent inks, making them harmless for internal use
  • Can be painted with acrylic or dispersion paints.
  • Complies with B1 and B2 fire certificates.
  • Easy to glue with wallpaper glue.
  • Washable.

Photo wallpaper for the interior

PHOTO WALLPAPERS – in other words, the application of high-quality and only exceptionally artistic photography or a designer-packaged image on a non-woven fabric, photo canvas or other special surface

Information worth knowing about our photo wallpaper material and printing:

1. Vibrant colors. Extremely high photo wallpaper print quality: from 720 to 1440 dpi. Quick drying.

2. It is worth noting that we make photo wallpapers on non-woven material, not on paper. This material is more resistant to external factors, damage and moisture.

3. Our wallpapers are not standard sizes. We produce wallpaper according to the dimensions you need. Before placing an order, we adjust the image of your choice according to the dimensions provided by you and send you a layout for approval.

If you do not find the desired photo for the press DEKOR8 DATABASE,we recommend that you choose from and DEKOR8 will help you to purchase the desired file.

4. The material from which we make wallpaper is 1.05m and 1.30m wide. How many parts make up the whole wallpaper depends on the dimensions of your wall.

5. Note that it is not necessary to glue the wallpaper over the entire wall, not worse look beautiful glued fragments.

Photo wallpaper maintenance

Photo wallpapers are coated with PVC, which means that liquid or lubrication will not be absorbed very quickly. If liquid or other greasy mass gets on the wallpaper, it must be cleaned as soon as possible with a clean cloth or special. cloth. Do not rub by force, as this may damage the paint layer or even the surface of the wallpaper. It is advisable to remove dust from the wallpaper once every two months: with a vacuum cleaner using a spec. nozzle, a feather duster or a dry soft cloth.

Non-woven materials come in a variety of textures

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