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Films for glass

Films for windows from the heat of the sun and outsiders – Films for sale

We have a large selection of films, sunscreen and heat film, privacy film, transparent, matte, protective, mirror, color, and so on.

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More than 17 years of experience in film sales and gluing
We provide up to a 10 year warranty on films and their gluing.
DEKOR8 – we always provide the right prices.

Matte film for windows

Matinė plėvelė langams

Glass matting – for windows, door glass, partitions, balconies.
It transmits 81% of light perfectly, while not allowing you to see what is going on in the room from the other side of the glass.

Roll width: 152 (cm). Roll length: 30,5 (m).

Films are sold in rail meters (min. quantity 20 cm over the entire width of the roll (152cm)

Mirror film for windows

Veidrodinė plėvelė langams

Protects from prying eyes.
Glass covered with mirror film allows people from the street to see only their image in the mirror.
Mirror film for glass is one of the most effective sun protection products.

Roll width: 152 (cm). Roll length: 46,5 (m).

Films are sold in rail meters (min. quantity 20 cm over the entire width of the roll (152cm)

Frost film

šerkšno plėvelė langams

The highest quality films are designed for decorating windows, door glass and shower glass.
Wide range of dimensions for conventional frost films for wet gluing.

Roll width: 137 (cm). Roll length: 50 (m).

Films are sold in rail meters (min. quantity 20 cm over the entire width of the roll (137cm)

Plėvelės langams

All DEKOR8 films are made of the highest quality materials, using the most modern technologies, which ensures optimal quality characteristics and performance for a long time.

The new generation of impact-resistant (protective anti-bandit) films presented by DEKOR8 differs from the previous ones with a much higher layer coefficient, higher adhesion to the glass, stability and excellent anti-scratch coating, high optical integrity.

Films made by US companies will ensure your safety, as well as give beauty and exclusivity not only to your home, but also to your office or car.

The company DEKOR8 offers a wide range of films in different shades, from the darkest to the lightest, giving freedom to your design imagination.

From the latest films offered, the DEKOR8 range includes films with customer-desired photos, images and ornaments. More information can be found here: Wide format printing.

Material operation rules:

1. Do not wash windows (glass) after covering them with film, 7 (seven) days to prevent the ingress of moisture and the formation of water lenses;

2. Windows (glass), after covering them with film, keep for 7 (seven) days at a temperature not lower than +10 C.;

3. It is forbidden to use abrasive cleaning pastes, newspapers and other means that can leave scratches when washing the material. The material can only be washed with household glass cleaners;

4. Protect from fire, chemical solvents, mechanical damage;

5. Windows (glass), after their coating with a film, for a period of 15 (fifteen) days, during transportation, it is strictly forbidden to lift / carry from the coating side with tools intended for transferring glass;

6. It is forbidden to stick / stick stickers, etc. on the film.


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