Protective films

Protective films for glass

Protective films are glued to the glass to protect your home from rapid burglary and disaster.

The window glass is likely to break from impact, but the shards will not scatter, they will stay in place thanks to the protective film .

Therefore, it will not hurt anything and it will be much safer and easier to change the glass.

Anti-bandit protection

Getting inside by smashing a window was the easiest way to enter a confined space illegally. The film offered by DEKOR8 will stop the robber.

The glass will shatter from the blows, but it will remain in the frames and will not allow the villain to quickly enter the premises, forcing him to think about what to do next. In most cases, the answer he finds is simple – to disappear as soon as possible.

Installing a film is an easy way to protect your home or office from burglary.

Video about the protective film

Protection against natural cataclysms

In the event of a hurricane, when a strong wind penetrates through the broken glass into the interior of the building, it can partially or completely destroy the supporting structures.

The protective film offered by the company DEKOR8 not only protects against injury with glass shards, but also prevents the wind from penetrating inside the building.

In the event of an earthquake, the same film traps the shards, minimizing damage to the interior and exterior of the building.

Films are a convenient, permanent and, most importantly, more effective alternative to forging windows with boards or for gluing glass with adhesive tape crosswise.

Explosion protection

A powerful bomb explosion causes massive devastation. It would seem that the breakage of the glass is a minimally significant consequence of the explosion.

However, given that 1 sq.m. glass shatters into more than 2,000 deadly shards, making shattering injuries the most common cause of death or injury.


Vandalism is not just a frustrating loss and a huge loss. It is possible to prevent the constant replacement of glasses stained by graffiti lovers.

By installing on the glass company “DEKOR8” special “Antigraffiti” type films offered in the places of activity of street “artists”, it is possible to avoid changing the glass, i.e. only the new film is reinstalled.

Glass with film instead of tempered glass

Instead of replacing glass in buildings where the installation of tempered glass is provided in accordance with the norms, the company “DEKOR8” can offer a cheaper method of glazing that meets the normative requirements.

The solution is to use DEKOR8 films, which have been tested for compliance with safe glazing.

This testing was performed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Whatever your needs and requirements, you will definitely find the right protective film for you in the DEKOR8 product range.

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