Car window tinting

Window tinting in Vilnius


UAB “Dekor8” company, presented US car films, have special aesthetic and functional properties.

We offer a choice of films of different darkness (95%, 85%, 75% …).

Tinted windows in the car reduce heat transmission by up to 75 percent during the summer, therefore, the operation of the conditioner is reduced.

Properly shaded car windows change the look, the car gets a new, more luxurious look and at the same time gets extra protection in an auto accident.

When there is a vehicle accident on the road, broken car windows can severely injure people inside, and if the windows are darkened with film, all the shards of the window will remain in place and will not hurt the people inside.

CAR WINDOW TINTING – the best way to gain in-car privacy from unwanted glances, especially when there are expensive items in the back of the car that can attract long-fingers.


● The film provides 99% UV protection.
● Blocks 44% to 65% of solar energy (depending on film darkness).
● The film reduces the risk of impact glass impact by up to 3 times
● Gives an aesthetic look.
● Protection against glare.
● Protects against heat.
● Gives you more privacy

The laws of the Republic of Lithuania allow unrestricted shading of the side rear and rear window. The light transmission of the windscreen must be not less than 75% and that of the lateral windscreen not less than 70%.

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